John Harrigan is a writer, director, filmmaker, meditation teacher and speaker. John’s primary goal has been to educate audiences of all types about how creativity and meditation can enhance their lives. ┬áJohn facilitates workshops and classes in meditation, drama, creative writing, health and creativity for organisations such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts, BBC, University of Hertfordshire, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Wilderness Festival and the Royal College of Art.


Moon Meditation Classes and Workshops will teach you how to meditate and aid you in relaxing, embracing positivity and reducing stress and anxiety.


‘The Story’ workshop is based on traditional principles of storytelling and offers participants the opportunity to learn how to utilize their own, personal story to gain the clarity, strength and purpose required to transform their lives.


Our energizing, restorative Full Moon Meditation workshops take place monthly under the full moon at the beautiful, fragrant and tranquil Lavender Farm. Focused on the energising and restorative power of meditation beneath the Full Moon.


  • SALT CAVE MEDITATION WORKSHOP Friday 29th of June 7pm - 8pm

    An evening meditation class in the Salt Cave Bedford. Combining the healing and restorative power of Meditation with Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy a powerful, natural treatment of respiratory and skin conditions.

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  • FULL MOON MEDITATION WORKSHOP 28th of June 8:30pm - 10pm

    Prepare your mind, will, intent for all the next stage of your journey will in an energising Full Moon Meditation workshop. Exploring how the Full Moon can be utilised to initiate powerful change. This workshop will enable you to relax, de-stress, embrace positivity and focus your will and intent for the coming month.

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