John Harrigan is a meditation teacher, author, director, filmmaker and a founder at Moon Meditation and F00lishPe0ple (one of the earliest pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK). He has over twenty eight years experience as a practising shaman, who developed and perfected Moon Meditation, primarily through his role as founder at

His work centers on teaching and the creation of film, ritual theatre, and installation art. Its aim is to raise a numinous experience within the witness. He has lectured at the Royal College of Art, The BBC, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and performed at the ICA, the Horse Hospital, Arcola Theatre, and throughout London and the UK. His work has been presented internationally in the United States and Netherlands.

“My work explores the inherent truth that each life holds. Utilising Meditation, ritual and storytelling, I explore our relationship with the numinous haunting the liminal spaces of humanity and culture. Teaching is a very direct form of my practice. Offering a direct form of communication between myself and others, who often have a powerful need to experience the numinous. A large scale ritual conducted with FoolishPeople, is perhaps the most complex manifestation of my work. Moon Meditation classes are the very essence of everything that I do. Stripped back to the bone, and offered with purity and as much clarity as possible in each class or workshop. Landscape and the natural world offers an important foundation to the form of meditation that I practice and teach, due to the path I walk as a shaman.”