``It has taken almost 2 weeks to fully process the incredible experience of taking part in the Ritual Art Workshop, and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my days. I've been lucky enough to have some truly memorable moments through shamanism and other spiritual practices, but nothing on this scale. John is one of the most engaging, passionate and humble people I have ever met and it felt at times like our group coming together was something beyond the synchronistic. We deconstructed ourselves, releasing all of the pretence and mirage that sometimes makes life feel like a badly written soap opera. And then we healed, allowing our true selves to finally find a voice. Mine has been stifled for way too long and I'd almost forgotten what it sounded like. A big thank you to John and everyone that took part in our journey that day. If you're reading this, and you can make it to the next one, keep listening to that part of you that craves the unconventional``

Richard White

“Wow! Just wow! Spent an amazing evening doing one of John Harrigan’s Full Moon Meditation Workshops. Beyond what I expected…. out of doors in a beautiful setting, empowering, freeing and now, lots to absorb. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend going. Oh, and it didn’t matter that you couldn’t see the moon tonight – you could feel the energy still. P.S. If you don’t fancy meditating amongst the elements or if it is chucking it down with rain, there are indoor spaces there too.”

Keeley Sparrow

I had lost my way, been damaging myself in ways I had yet to recognise and really didn’t know how to get my life back in balance. I felt totally broken. I saw that John offered one-to-one tuition, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Believing in divine providence, I knew intuitively that I needed this man’s help and thus signed up for the service. It has proved to be a most wise decision. John is passionate about people, their story and their own place in this world. John is an inspirational presence; he has great instincts and allows you space to trust your own intuition, to have faith in yourself and grow. I personally cannot thank John enough for his work with me and for his patience and attentiveness in answering any concerns or queries, without judgement or criticism. If you need to climb back out of the ditch and back on your true path then I suggest John is the man to help you.

Linda Pottinger

“In a complicated world John Harrigan’s Chapter One Workshop brings permission to simplify ones thoughts and concentrate on the creative writing process. Wherever you are right now, whatever your artistic medium, John pays attention to each participant and draws out your creativity through a series of lessons, activities and the chance to share work. I went only knowing that I hadn’t yet felt that I was a writer, I quickly accepted that I was and knew the work I had started needed to move to another level. I am quietly confident that this will be achieved.

Tina Culverhouse

I've been to several of John's meditation classes and all have been insightful and enlightening but the full moon adds a whole new dimension! John expertly opens up the space creating a deep connection between participants and the environment. John is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable and makes you feel safe and relaxed knowing that you are being guided by good hands. I would recommend the full moon meditation to anyone interested in starting to meditate or to further their practice (in fact I found it so beneficial that I have introduced many friends to the classes and my mum!)

Rebecca Leach

I have been several times now and booked to go yet again. Every time I leave Johns space I feel recharged and boosted. As a novice, who was very nervous at first I have found such an amazingly calming and welcoming man. I was not sure if I would be able to even stay through one session and now just want to keep coming time and time again. The venue is magical as is he. John imparts a passion for his work that makes everyone feel at ease. There is peace to be found here. I highly recommend!

Marie Doherty

I have been attending John's meditation classes since spring of this year at The Lavender Farm. The site is amazing and set in open countryside and sits next to the ancient Icknield Way. The classes are very open and relaxed and friendly. We chat before hand about what we wish to acheive and do in the forth coming week. You are then guided into a relaxing state of mind before the meditation. Afterward you can chat about your experience if you wish. I have also attended several full moon meditation classes at the same site which have been unbelievable. These visits have definitely helped me through some tough times this year. I'm more relaxed and very stress free. John is a great guy and has help put me back on track and opened my mind to greater things.

Leslie Izzard

I feel like I have been through several life times since this journey began. I have only today realised the releasing, healing, and power of this process. Only today am I on the other side understanding what I have cleared and what amazing new creativity has been unleashed. Only today am I lifted from the fog of a dream that felt so real. Today I am saying goodbye to the knot in my stomach that has been tied so tightly since the age of 5. Today I say goodbye to these old emotions that no longer serve me. Today I step back into my power and live the life of my design and not the life that I thought was mine. John words cannot express how much this journey has changed my life, so subtly yet so forcefully. Today I am brave, courageous and on the other side of this particular hero journey. Thank you …

Kama J Frankling

I found Meditation at the lavender fields an enlightening experience but also under the moon it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was like a gravitational pull from the moment I entered the field, I felt anchored. The calmness I felt throughout the meditation was unlike anything I've ever felt before. WithIn the silence I found real strength and guidance. Empowering me through to my core. Guiding me to my truth. Thank you John

Amanda Berry

I was invited to The Story by a friend who thought it would be beneficial, but had told me very little about what I was about to experience. My decision to go along and fully immerse myself was one of the best I have made. It was a challenging day emotionally, but the space that John (and the other participants) created made me want to open both heart and mind. I felt changes in myself immediately, and this has continued, sometimes in small and subtle ways, at other times raw and powerful. I feel for the first time in years I have a real connection with me and my story and I am excited for what this brings for the future.

Sarah Lindsey

I discovered the moon meditation sessions at Hitchin Lavender Farm earlier this year and have loved going since. Fantastic facilitation by John in a stunning location. It's available to everyone - whether you meditate a lot or are trying it for the first time, John's classes are friendly, inclusive and above all deeply relaxing! A perfect way to find some balance in a busy life

Moon Meditation Class attendee

Those of you who know me well will already be aware of the changes in me since I took part in the first Ritual Art Workshop in June and a subsequent one in July of this year, but I think the difference must be apparent to even those of you who don't know all of the details.
John Harrigan gave me the tools to free myself when I didn't even know I was imprisoned, and in doing so has helped me find my way to where I should have been all along. I have so much love for this man and his work.

Karen Mosley