I have been several times now and booked to go yet again. Every time I leave Johns space I feel recharged and boosted. As a novice, who was very nervous at first I have found such an amazingly calming and welcoming man. I was not sure if I would be able to even stay through one session and now just want to keep coming time and time again. The venue is magical as is he. John imparts a passion for his work that makes everyone feel at ease. There is peace to be found here. I highly recommend!

Marie Doherty

I feel like I have been through several life times since this journey began. I have only today realised the releasing, healing, and power of this process. Only today am I on the other side understanding what I have cleared and what amazing new creativity has been unleashed. Only today am I lifted from the fog of a dream that felt so real. Today I am saying goodbye to the knot in my stomach that has been tied so tightly since the age of 5. Today I say goodbye to these old emotions that no longer serve me. Today I step back into my power and live the life of my design and not the life that I thought was mine. John words cannot express how much this journey has changed my life, so subtly yet so forcefully. Today I am brave, courageous and on the other side of this particular hero journey. Thank you …

Kama J Frankling

I was invited to The Story by a friend who thought it would be beneficial, but had told me very little about what I was about to experience. My decision to go along and fully immerse myself was one of the best I have made. It was a challenging day emotionally, but the space that John (and the other participants) created made me want to open both heart and mind. I felt changes in myself immediately, and this has continued, sometimes in small and subtle ways, at other times raw and powerful. I feel for the first time in years I have a real connection with me and my story and I am excited for what this brings for the future.

Sarah Lindsey

I discovered the moon meditation sessions at Hitchin Lavender Farm earlier this year and have loved going since. Fantastic facilitation by John in a stunning location. It's available to everyone - whether you meditate a lot or are trying it for the first time, John's classes are friendly, inclusive and above all deeply relaxing! A perfect way to find some balance in a busy life

Moon Meditation Class attendee

Those of you who know me well will already be aware of the changes in me since I took part in the first Ritual Art Workshop in June and a subsequent one in July of this year, but I think the difference must be apparent to even those of you who don't know all of the details.
John Harrigan gave me the tools to free myself when I didn't even know I was imprisoned, and in doing so has helped me find my way to where I should have been all along. I have so much love for this man and his work.

Karen Mosley