Creativity reveals truths that would otherwise remain hidden, art offers us the tools to innovate beyond perceived limitations. Storytelling in all its varied forms, has the power to lead us through the darkness, aiding us to find the correct path, both in life and business.

John Harrigan facilitates workshops in creative innovation for organisations and individuals. He has worked and collaborated with hundreds of artists from across the world in multiple disciplines and forms, his work as the artistic director of FoolishPeople has lead to the creation of twenty eight years of work across many divergent artistic mediums such as : Film, Theatre, Publishing and Art Exhibitions.

He has invigilated group shows across London and in Europe and his scripts have been commissioned by renowned theatres such the Arcola Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre and for organisations such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Wilderness Festival and Secret Cinema.

Strange Factories, his first feature film as writer and director, toured the UK’s oldest independent Cinema’s as a live cinema event, featuring actors from the film and was covered by Wired and Filmmaker Magazine due to the innovative nature of the films release.

John has founded non-profit creative groups for artists working in all disciplines and he has facilitated workshops and lectured at the Royal College of Art, the ICA, The Royal Central, School of Speech and Drama and the BBC.



Your story is magic. Your story is utterly vital. Your story has the power to heal deep wounds, to aid you in the darkest moments.

Reconnect with your story and embark on a journey to rediscover the truth of who you are.

‘The Story’ workshop offers the willing participant the opportunity to learn how to utilise the power of their own story to gain clarity, strength and the purpose required to transform their life.

You will work with John Harrigan, founder of FoolishPeople and learn how to discover the truth of your own story, by utilising various visualisation, meditation and exercises that combine the essence of shamanism with ritual, drama therapy, personal mythology and storytelling. These techniques will enable you to overcome fear, address emotional blocks and effectively control stress so you are ultimately free to explore your own path and journey in art and also life.

This aim of this workshop is to empower and teach you new skills and tools that you can use in everyday life to attain a greater sense of wellbeing, happiness and peace.


Writing can be a wonderful and fulfilling creative practice, but it can also be lonely, and writers, like all creatives, can be prone to self doubt and endless critical judgement.

Writers thrive when they have the opportunity to share their experiences, have exposure to different styles and genres and gain access to support from peers and professional writers who offer quality constructive and non judgemental feedback.

The Chapter One creative writing workshop is friendly and all writers will have the opportunity to share their work if they wish, by reading out a short extract of what they’re working on. Or if you prefer just come along, meet new friends and listen.

This aim of this workshop is to empower, motivate and teach you new skills and tools that you can use in your writing to attain a greater sense of achievement and wellbeing in your creative practice.

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