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How are you?

Did you have a good holiday period?

One of the most interesting aspects of each New Year, is the manner in which we’re offered the opportunity to refocus and begin again. We can often feel overwhelmed after the holiday season, I know I did.

January is a new start. There are many positives, but it can (sometimes) feel like there are negatives too.

Many demands are placed upon us and our time in January. We’re pressured to become fit and super healthy within the first few weeks of the year. Quick fixes are everywhere, new mindfulness apps or the latest in diet or exercise regimes.  It’s no wonder we expect miracles to occur.

Real and authentic change takes time and steadfast commitment, not just to yourself, but the world and story you exist within. We begin by learning to be kind to ourselves. A foundation must exist if we are to find peace, tranquility and the power of lasting transformation.

If you’ve attended my classes or workshops, you know how important it is for me to assist others to make this transformation. We find happiness and peace when we have the bravery to manifest our truth. Witnessing this happen is an incredible experience to behold.

Weekly Moon Meditation classes at Hitchin Town Hall continue every Thursday in January at the earlier time of 7pm. The aim of each class is to use group meditation to increase peace and reduce anxiety and stress, helping participants to foster a deeper connection with their intuition.

I’m also facilitating classes every two weeks at the Salt Cave in Bedford on Friday evenings and Saturday Mornings. This is a powerful space and Halotherapy offers many benefits to your health. It’s especially useful to meditate in the Salt Cave at this time of year, when so many people are suffering from colds and viruses. They’re on different dates each month, so make sure you check the timetable and book your space in advance.

On the 31st of January there is an auspicious Royal Blue Blood Supermoon. I will be facilitating a very special Full Moon Meditation workshop to mark this rare occasion, at Hitchin Lavender, where we will work with ritual to engage the revitalising and focusing power of this powerful Super Moon.

I hope to see you before the end of January. Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions about Moon Meditation and your daily meditation practice.


John Harrigan