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We’ve arrived at the end of the first third of the year. If you’ve had anything like the journey I’ve had, it’s been quite the ride. Rewarding, intense and often challenging.

The task of maintaining focus on what you hope to achieve across the whole of a year is difficult. Time moves at an ever increasing rate, further demands are placed on our lives and relationships.

We lose the thread, the map becomes torn, the way is shrouded in fog.

Patience is a virtue when we can find ourselves lost. Self care, kindness and a refocus on our own needs is vital. Respect for our own existence is a skill that needs to be maintained and practiced in a culture that only focuses on the surface layers of experience.

Meditation and creativity enable us to refocus on what exists within our subconscious. They offer tools to release the trauma and pain we have experienced on our life journey, aiding us to slowly and calmly find our way once again.

This is traditionally a time when we plant seeds, a period where we cultivate and nurture, so we might reap and harvest later in the year. Now is the moment to contemplate how we wish to proceed into the next stage of 2018.

Over the coming weekend, I have three workshops that each offer a different space and perspective for reflection.

On Friday I’m teaching the Salt Cave Meditation Workshop at Twinwoods in Bedford. This workshop combines the healing and restorative power of Meditation with Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy a powerful, natural treatment of respiratory and skin conditions. This workshop focuses on body and mind. 

On Saturday I return to Hitchin Lavender for my weekly 9am morning meditation class. The landscape at Hitchin Lavender Farm is changing as spring takes hold. New life is everywhere. After a busy week, this group meditation class is a way for you to begin the weekend with positivity, peace and tranquility.

The end of the first third of 2018 is marked by a Full Moon. This Sunday 29th April at 7pm I will be facilitating the Full Moon Meditation Workshop at Hitchin Lavender. This meditation workshop utilises the light of the full Moon to illuminate the next stage of 2018. We’re almost fully booked, six places are left.

Chapter One

On the 7th May my Chapter One creative writing workshop takes place at Hitchin Lavender.

The Chapter One monthly creative writing workshop launched last year at David’s Bookshop to great success. This year, the Chapter One creative writing workshops return at our new home Hitchin Lavender Farm. Writers thrive when they have the opportunity to share their experiences, have exposure to different styles and genres and gain access to support from peers and professional writers who offer quality constructive and non judgemental feedback.

This aim of this workshop is to empower, motivate and teach you new skills and tools that you can use in your writing to attain a greater sense of achievement and wellbeing in your creative practice.

Theatre of Manifestation

On the 8th of May I begin teaching the ‘Theatre of Manifestation’ course at the Clophill Centre. This series of workshops teaches the foundations of Theatre of Manifestation. A working practice of ritual art developed over the last twenty eight years with my work as a founder at Theatre of Manifestation has its roots in shamanism, storytelling and ritual art and enables you to gain control over all aspects of your life story.

Over four weeks, you will be taught techniques that will enable you to overcome fear, address emotional blocks and effectively control stress so you are ultimately free to explore your own path and journey in life.

This aim of this month long course is to initiate and unlock the truth of your own path in life, via a powerful four week ritual, that will empower, teach you new skills and tools that you can use in everyday life to attain a greater sense of wellbeing, happiness and peace.

You can find my timetable of classes and workshops and booking details at

If you’re a previous participant of my classes/workshops and would like further guidance or support, please drop me a line.

Take care of yourself.