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The demands placed upon us have never been greater. How close are you to mental or physical exhaustion?
It’s a common question that we tackle over and over, throughout the course of our lives. Providing the correct level of self care is perhaps the most important task we ever face, yet we often don’t look after ourselves adequately and we’re made to feel guilty if we attempt to claim time for ourselves.

It can feel almost impossible. We don’t have the time. We don’t have the support. We don’t like ourselves and believe we’re not worthy of kindness, even from our own hands.

It’s not true.

Self care is a basic human right.

Often it’s when we’re in crisis or survival mode that we’re forced to confront the true cost of ignoring our most basic mental and physical needs.

Self care is the essence of being in survival mode. Often the body or mind takes over and shuts down, forcing us to rest, because we can’t do anything else but experience the true state of our health.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones, we must engage in an ongoing assessment of how we’re managing our health.

This can be done in all kinds of ways, but the most simple and effective manner is through a daily meditation practice. Meditation offers clarity and healing, aiding us to ease mental stress and clear anxieties, so we can clearly acknowledge how our actions are impacting our physical and mental health.

Over time, meditation helps us to release pain and suffering. This leads to a decrease in behaviours that impact us negatively and stop us from seeing the true picture.

It’s common for people who meditate to report that addictive behaviours diminish, as the quick fix coping strategies we once used when stressed or feeling anxious (such as eating or drinking too much) are no longer required. They’re replaced by the equilibrium that meditation offers.

Meditation offers us the space to cultivate vitality and strength. So we can fully appreciate the journey we’re on.

My next Salt Cave Meditation Workshops take place on the 3rd and 31st of August.
The restorative power of meditation combined with the healing effects of halo therapy heals body and mind. Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy, is a powerful and natural treatment of respiratory and skin conditions.

Location and setting is an important part of each Moon Meditation session, we will explore the history of salt as a purifying and healing mineral. This hour long class teaches you how to meditate, embrace positivity and reduce stress using various visualisations, exercises and meditations. The session will aid you to refocus for the month ahead and is suitable for all levels of experience.


The July Full Moon is very special, on Friday the 27th of July there will be a total lunar eclipse which will cause the Moon to appear Red in colour.

Join us and experience a unique and powerful meditation workshop under the spectacular Blood Moon.

Prepare your mind, will and intent for all that 2018 will offer in an energising meditation workshop under the full moon. We will explore how the full moon can be utilised to initiate powerful change. This workshop will enable you to relax, de-stress, embrace positivity and focus your will and intent for the coming month.

Over half the places have been taken for our Blood Moon Workshop, so please book soon if you’d like to join us.


Join me tomorrow at Hitchin Lavender for my weekly meditation class. The lavender is almost in full bloom.

Find peace and clarity in the beautiful surroundings of the Lavender Fields. This hour long class will teach you how to meditate, aid you to relax, embrace positivity and banish anxiety and stress. This class is suitable for all levels of experience.


Have a wonderful month and take care of yourself. You’re more important than you realise.