Art is magic. Art is utterly vital. Art has the power to heal deep wounds, to aid us in the darkest moments.

The Ritual Art workshop will be an experiential workshop that explores both the rewards and sacrifice of this form of artistic and spiritual practice

Life is exploration. We enter the world to find our truth, the reasons for why we have manifested and what we might accomplish in the days, months and years of our lives.

Through exercises and collaboration, participants will engage in an exciting, fun and challenging day of creative and ritual activity that will develop a new working narrative for the story of existence.

John Harrigan has spent his life creating large scale rituals under the guise of FoolishPeople. As an artist he has developed a working practice ‘Theatre of Manifestation’ which is a framework and guide that enables each participant to plot their own course to explore the truth of their own story. John’s work with FoolishPeople has been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Arcola Theatre, Secret Cinema and Wilderness Festival amongst others. Over the last thirty years FoolishPeople has collaborated with hundreds of artists and creatives. John has hosted talks and workshops at the Royal College of Art, ICA, Royal Central School of Drama, the BBC among others.


“It has taken almost 2 weeks to fully process the incredible experience of taking part in the Ritual Art Workshop, and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my days. I’ve been lucky enough to have some truly memorable moments through shamanism and other spiritual practices, but nothing on this scale. John is one of the most engaging, passionate and humble people I have ever met and it felt at times like our group coming together was something beyond the synchronistic. We deconstructed ourselves, releasing all of the pretence and mirage that sometimes makes life feel like a badly written soap opera. And then we healed, allowing our true selves to finally find a voice. Mine has been stifled for way too long and I’d almost forgotten what it sounded like. A big thank you to John and everyone that took part in our journey that day. If you’re reading this, and you can make it to the next one, keep listening to that part of you that craves the unconventional”
Richard White

“Those of you who know me well will already be aware of the changes in me since I took part in the first Ritual Art Workshop in June and a subsequent one in July of this year, but I think the difference must be apparent to even those of you who don’t know all of the details. John Harrigan gave me the tools to free myself when I didn’t even know I was imprisoned, and in doing so has helped me find my way to where I should have been all along. I have so much love for this man and his work.”
Karen Mosley

DATE – 19th of January 2020
TIME – 11am – 5pm – F00lishPe0ple, Carling Building, Market Square, Coopers Yard, Hitchin, SG5 1AR